The Sims 4 Play-through 💚 Meet Savannah Perry

A written ‘play-through’ is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and while The Sims might be an odd choice for some, it makes perfect sense to me. This is not going to be a play-through in the traditional sense of… let’s complete the game because that’s just not how The Sims works, but it is a great platform to tell a story. I’ve been working on this premise for a while now and you’re going to meet a lot of people along the way.

The set-up is that I’ve began creating sims in the blank slate that is ‘Newcrest’. I’ve set-up three or so families before moving on to the main character Savannah Perry.

Let me paint you a picture. This is Savannah, she’s a young adult around the same age as me, so around 27. As you can see she’s an avid painter and art enthusiast; she dreams of a long, illustrious career in the world of art. When we meet her, she’s a lowly Palette Cleaner, making just 21 Simoleons. As an aside she’s a muser, which means that she get’s a boost to learning new skills when she’s inspired. She’s also cheerful, lovable and handy (I believe the latter two traits come from KawaiiStacie’s ‘Traits Bundle’ mod) which should give Savannah a headstart when it comes to making friends and fixing broken appliances.)

After moving Savannah in to her new plot of land, I got straight to building a humble pad filled with only the things a sim needs to start their life. I’ve made it a rule to not cheat my sims more money than they can naturally accumulate within the game so the walls are a little bare at this point. So we’ve got a basic kitchen/diner, complete with oven, sink, dining table and fridge; a very small bathroom with a shower, sink, mirror and toilet; a bedroom with bed and bookcase and a study with an art easel and wall-mounted speaker. The house itself comes complete with a second storey for later expansion as well as some decking out the front. Note that at this point I’ve yet to add further ‘luxuries’ such as flooring, wall coverings and yes, even windows. It does look a little drab, but it’s a start.

So that’s Savannah Perry. I’m going to keep these posts a suitable length so expect lots of parts, in the next instalment we’ll see what a touch of decor can do and get an insight into Savannah’s new found life in Newcrest. We may even meet a few bods because at this point Savannah’s social need is pretty darn low!

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