The Sims 4 Play-through 💚 Harvestfest!

It’s the heart of Autumn in Newcrest right now and Savannah has moved in just in time for the Harvest festival. She barely knows anyone and I honestly thought we’d have the worst thanksgiving ever, but we didn’t.

First thing’s first, we’ve got to make sure Savannah’s feeling pretty good about her first day at work, it’s time to take care of our sim’s needs.

Our girl needs to eat, and so she cooks her first meal, a pretty sub-standard fruit salad. She’s not really found her way around her…grass-roots… kitchen but she manages without many mishaps, I’m pretty sure she cut her hands on that knife though. That’s what happens when you have limited cooking skills though, I suppose. I plan on cooking as often as I can, you’ll often find sims I create have a high cooking skill because they rarely order from, visit restaurants or have other people do the work for them.

After eating it’s time for a bathroom break and a thoughtful shower to get the creative juices flowing in the hopes of doing a little bit of painting and then it’s off to work for Savannah.

Shortly after returning from a hard days work cleaning paint palettes and brushes, Savannah comes home to find three little gnomes on her doorstep and so I get her to invite them inside into the…warm. I’d like to point out at this point the rather sinister grim reaper gnome I’ve inappropriately renamed Reece! I thought it was probably for the best that we tend to their needs as they’re probably a little bit hangry and Savannah does not want to piss off a grim reaper even if he is pint-sized, he might just come for her soul. Appeasing them by offering them a toy and a pie, goes pretty well and as you can see I even managed to rustle up enough simoleons to to decorate the kitchen.

From left to right we have Savannah, Gnomey, Reece and Gnomeo! They’ve been fed and appeased (which sort of seems blasphemous to me even though I’m pretty sure Savannah doesn’t believe in God. I’ve laid some lino down in the kitchen and decorated the walls to make it look a little less drab and like a padded cell too.

Savannah is in need of a little socialising now and I’m making it a point to step out of my own comfort and get to know a few folks as well as maybe join a club or something. So, it’s off to the cafe in Windenburg to see if we can’t find some like-minded individuals and maybe borrow their computer and raise our fun!

At the cafe, we meet Harry King as well as another sim Alyssia Emery, who just so happens to be the leader of the ‘Nerd and Book Worms’, a reading, writing and card playing society that I had her arrange prior to playing as Savannah. After talking to Alyssia, Savannah decides that she might in fact like to join the group and Alyssia enthusiastically leaps at the opportunity to recruit a new member into the fold. Harry invites Savannah back to his pad and we admire the decor and meet his daughter who’s name evades me at this moment in time.

Thank the gnomes!

Upon returning home from Harry’s, Savannah is almost ready to crash out. After all, it’s been a pretty long first day. I first have a cook a grand meal, something I thought would help us ace the objectives of the holiday but instead gives us masses of food, Savannah won’t need to cook for almost another week! Our little gnome friends have left us little seed packets everywhere so I find them a more appropriate, and permanent home on the porch. Savannah starts picking these up until our inventory is almost full to bursting with various duplicates of seed packets and I finally realise that I can sell these without incurring the wrath of our gnome guests; this will be an excellent way to make a little more money on the side.

Finally I put Savannah to bed to rest up for another day of work tomorrow, It’s been a pretty productive day and we’ve made a few memories around the neighbourhood already. Savannah cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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