2020: What’s New With Blue?

I can’t believe that I’m writing this ten months into 2020. In some ways this has been the most challenging year I have lived.

No-one could have predicted just how differently the world would look perhaps even eight months ago and I know that living in isolation and lockdown has effected the lives of so many people.

This year has been a personal journey for me too. Back in March, I felt the lowest I’ve felt in years. I was reduced to tears, on several occasions, exhausted by the fear and uncertainty with which we were faced. It seemed as though I couldn’t possibly focus on the positive, because where had it gone?

Since then, I’ve thought really long and hard about what I want to do as a creative, where I’d like to see my career progress and what I’d like to do for the time being.

I came out as Non-Binary to those closest to me and then, finally a couple of months, online; rejecting the gender binary, changing my pronouns to They/Them and changing my name to Blue.

This change has presented me with so much personal freedom with who I choose to intentionally live my life as and has felt like a massive weight off of my shoulders. Everyone I have spoken with has been so super supportive of these changes that I can honestly say I feel so loved and accepted for exactly who I am.

So in a lot of ways, 2020 has played out very differently but I’m also holding on to the fact that even if our darkest days, there is light. There is hope that better days are coming and things are very seldom impossible.

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